Preparation for Dissertation. (Topic – Bullying)

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2000 Words
This is a preparation for the dissertation. It must include your intended research question and your intended research strategy.

Find and review 10 items, these will need to be either: (1) an academic journal article or (2) an academic text and/or (3) policy documents. There needs to be an obvious link between the annotated bibliography and your intended research topic/research questions. A review of a newspaper or magazine article will not count as an item for your annotated bibliography.

For each piece of literature reviewed you should summarise and evaluate the article/chapter/document in approximately 150-250 words. You will also need to explain how each reviewed piece is related to your research project, in a sentence or two. For instance, it might illustrate a key concept central to your research question, or it might outline your intended research method.

Please make the topic related to Bullying. Examples and more instructions in additional materials. Please find 10 items to review.

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