Practical Interventions and Strategies for Two Learning Disorders Impeding Literacy Learning

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Based on the instructions on the “Materials + Instructions- assignment” and all the materials attached, please write a paper using the “Practical Interventions and Strategies for Two Learning Disorders Impeding Literacy Learning” to expand the followings points:

This is a narrative paper – Put yourself as a grade 1 teacher in a classroom with students including the 2 students with learning disabilities and write as if you are the teacher speaking.

1- Create a 2 student profiles (1 with ADHD with hyperactivity and the 2nd with Dyslexia) while talking about their learning style, their symptoms
2- Where should attention be paid to help them read and speak
3- Present their specific needs in class
4- Talk about their behaviors in class, that can be verified
5- Talk about behavior that prevents these students from learning
6- Give winning strategies for these two learning strategies (ADHD with hyperactivity and Dyslexia) by mainly referring to Special Education in Ontario, learning for all and Growing success PDF attached. Also check (read me? No way! Me read, How ? A guide effective instruction in reading. A guide to effective instruction in writing) Pdf attached
7- Explain how the 2 lessons you will teach these students with special needs in your class will benefit other students that have no special needs
8- Give real examples of the 2 activities to be done with the 2 children who have learning disabilities, and which will be beneficial for the children who have no difficulties
9- Talk about differentiation (it’s about learning to read and decode inferences)
10- Give some concrete tools for success and winning teaching and learning strategies to help these students with learning disabilities succeed.
11- * Suggest one or two activities to be completed by student with learning disabilities in connection with the proposed strategies.


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