Policy Issue- Water pollution

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This assignment focuses on attempting to persuade your audience (your classmates) regarding a specific course of action that should be taken on a significant societal or community issue. You must not only convince your audience that this issue is relevant in society (the “so what?” that has framed all of our papers thus far), but also advocate for a specific, well-reasoned (utilizing inductive and/or deductive reasoning) feasible, and actionable solution to the issue.

Specifically, this paper should do the following

State and describe what the problem is, in explicit detail.
Describe why the problem is important to the audience: How does (or will) it affect them, someone close to them, or some aspect of society they should care about.
– Present a solution (or solutions) to the problem
– Describe how the solution is feasible (i.e. grounded in reality)
– Describe how the solution is actionable (how can the audience, or other empowered agencies, act on the solution)
– Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the solution presented
– Be supported with well-documented, valid sources of evidence (8 minimum)

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