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Choose one of the three questions posed below AND provide an answer to the question you will choose.

Question 1

What does the often-repeated phrase “a government of laws, not of men” mean, and how does it apply to bureaucratic accountability? What are the specific challenges of maintaining this principle in a democratic system like ours? Can you think of any modern-day circumstances where this concept might be applied?

Question 2

Recent whistleblowing activities in the United States have come under scrutiny because the whistleblower’s activities posed a threat to national security. Do you believe that controllers always have a duty to report wrongdoing? Does whistleblowing have multiple standards? Is one type better or more acceptable than another?

Question 3

In the 1940s two political theorists, Carl J. Friedrich and Herman Finer debated a critical question of accountability in American public administration: whether professional norms or external controls were necessary to keep administrators accountable. In other words, how much can we rely on the laws to keep administrators in check and how much can we rely on the uniform training of our administrators? Reenact this historic debate. Which do you think is a better accountability measure: external or internal controls and/or the personal character of the administrator? How do you support your choice? As you know the text deconstructs both of these ideas saying that in the current policy environment neither are effective. Why is this the case? What do you think is the solution to keeping administrators accountable in the 21st century?

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