Please follow the paper instructions carefully!!! 302@2

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( formatting in the APA style)

You will write a short paper applying skills learned from Modules 1, 2, and 3 in order to identify and describe the variables, hypotheses, and research question you will need to complete your final research proposal. This assignment should include the information provided in your first assignment but expand in more detail on the hypothesis(es) developed based on your research question and what variables you will be using to address the research question. Your hypothesis(es) should make clear the main independent and dependent variables in your proposal and the relationships between these variables that you are examining. In addition to identifying your variables, describe them using characteristics that have been presented in class (e.g., unit of analysis, operational definitions).

Your Variable Assignment Paper should be 2 pages long, and it should include all of the following topics:

1- Overview of the finalized research question
2- Your hypothesis/hypotheses
Independent variable(s)
Dependent variable(s)
3- Description of all variables that you will address
Unit(s) of analysis
Operational Definition(s)
4- Rationale, evidence, and support for why you think these variables are the correct ones to focus on, in order to address your research question.

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