Planning a Public Health Prog ( inmate mental health related stigma to its bio physiological cause)

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As described in this week’s introduction, the planning of a program starts at the highest level- the topic or issue. The early weeks of this course have provided the opportunity to choose a health issue to carry through the steps of the public health program planning process. For this Discussion, you will share a summary of the topic/issue you plan to focus on and the population(s) impacted.

To Prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources.
Review the handout “Planning a Public Health Intervention”
Consider your initial thoughts on a public health program you would want to initiate based on health issues you have discussed with your agency Preceptor.
Review the literature and relevant websites describing different aspects of the issue.

Post a summary of the health issue of interest that you will target through the program you plan. In addition, post a description of the population impacted by this health issue – include incidence and prevalence rates, geographic and demographic distribution, etc.

FYI…. The aim is to understand inmate with mental health related stigma in a correctional setting to its bio physiological cause. For this discussion just need a summary .

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