Philosophy of Education

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In this Assignment, you will begin developing an initial draft of your Philosophy of Education, which will become part of Major Assessment #7: Professional Practice Project in your ePortfolio. You will work on the assignment this week and will submit it for a grade by Day 7 of Week 5 of this course.

Reflect on the assignments you have completed so far in this course, including the teacher interview you conducted in Week 2, the Learning Resources you explored, and the dialogues in which you engaged with your colleagues. With all these things in mind, begin to construct your Philosophy of Education. Include in your philosophy a discussion of the purpose of education, what it means to you to be a professional educator, what approach you might take to teaching and learning in your professional practice, and how you plan to effect positive social change. The worksheet linked below provides some guiding questions that may help you in crafting your philosophy. Must be 2-3 pages use resources from reference paper

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