Persuasive Communication

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In this assignment, you will write three paragraphs describing and analyzing effective persuasive communication you have encountered or produced in personal, professional, and academic contexts. In each of the three paragraphs, include at least one concrete example of effective persuasion that you have experienced or produced yourself to illustrate your points. Describe that example, identify the parts of the rhetorical situation (audience, speaker, text, purpose, and context), and offer specific reasons why the example was effectively based on the concepts covered in the Units 1 and 2 Reading. You can also include information on tone, style, formality, voice, correctness, evidence, and word choice as you develop your analysis.

Follow APA formatting guidelines for the document. Paragraphs should be well-developed (use the “point, illustrate, explain” method), cohesive, and edited for clarity and correctness. Cite any sources used in APA style, including the course reading.

Use the following chart to help ensure that you meet the following expectations in the final version of your Unit 2 Assignment:

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