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A position paper is a piece of writing in which the author takes a strong and clear stand on a particular question or problem.

For your position paper, you will be taking a stand on Karl Popper’s famous short essay, “Utopia and Violence.”

In other words–do you agree with Popper’s central argument? Or do you disagree with Popper’s central argument? More importantly, WHY?

It will not be enough to say yes or no, and neither will it be enough to just summarize Popper. Strong position papers will thoughtfully and critically lay out reasons and justifications for their particular position. Those agreeing with Popper will need to do more than just reiterate his claims, but to justify and explain the soundness or validity of his claims by bringing in additional evidence. Strong papers, whether for or against Popper, will include at least three pieces of evidence. (You may draw on our course readings for your evidence.)

Obviously, it will additionally be crucial for you to understand what exactly Popper is arguing in their essay. So, start there.

Your essay should be 500-600 words, and formatted properly in either APA or MLA citation style. It is imperative that you properly cite and quote the sources you are working with, as well. Please ask me if you are uncertain as to the meaning of plagiarism.

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