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Assignment Instructions

This assignment requires familiarity with productivity software, computer hardware, and operating systems. These components are designed to fit together, and IT professionals must be able to evaluate and recommend an optimum combination of them to potential users.

Consider this scenario: A family-run bike shop is growing, but all of its data is currently on paper. This data includes expenses, sales, wages for workers, and so on. The shop owners want software to better organize and use this information, as well as information on how software could help as the store expands to new locations.

Research alternatives for operating systems, software, and hardware and make a recommendation to the shop owners that addresses the following:

Compare the features of operating systems.
Be sure to consider both Mac and Windows operating systems, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each for the bike shop.
Recommend productivity software for a specific business context.
The shop will need basic word processing and spreadsheet software. Given its growth, it will also need productivity software to keep track of expenses. In addition, the store will need to design posters, signs, and labels to highlight merchandise, promotions, sales, and special events.
Apply appropriate evidence to support a recommendation.
Return to the Undergraduate Information Technology Research Guide list of IT industry resources, in addition to other resources found through research. Select authoritative evidence to support your comparisons and recommendations.
Assignment Requirements

Written communication: Write with few spelling, grammatical, or mechanical errors.
~Length of paper: Submit 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages (in addition to title and reference pages).
~Sources: Cite at least two sources, in addition to your textbook and the media pieces. These may include the industry sources investigated during the course. Format resources and citations according to current APA guidelines. See Evidence and APA for more information.
~Font and font size: Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

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