Online Task 8/6 Strategic Management 6.30- 9.30

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Exam will be case study open book and will have 2 questions ;

Q1 ; on topics :

environmental Anaylsis ; pestle ;7 forces , tows 

Q2;  on topic:


There are two (2) compulsory questions. Both questions are based on a case study.

Students must answer ALL the questions. Marks allocated to each question have been specified in the bracket following the question.

Read all the essay questions carefully, paying special attention to the key words. Answer the easy questions first. While answering your question clearly mention the relevant corporate strategy theory/arguments and apply them to the case. Please also specify any assumption you make while answering the questions clearly.

Use all of the time allotted for the exam. If you have extra time, cover up your answers and actually rework the question.

Write concisely without using abbreviations or nonstandard language.

Keep your exam paper neat with reasonable margins. Neatness is always important; readability is a must, especially on an exam.

Type your answers by using only New Times Roman font, Size 12 (There will be a 5 points penalty per question for using different font size)

Use the prearrange Number of Pages for your answers. Do NOT add extra pages

Total time allocated is 180 minutes: Submissions after 09:30PM are not allowed in Blackboard and will be automatically subject to a mark of zero

No marks will be given for responses that:

Do not make any sense. Make sure every paragraph conveys a coherent unit of thought. No points will be given for paragraphs which are, in essence, a random compilation of somewhat unrelated ideas.

Do not answer a question. Read every question carefully. Make sure your responses actually address the question asked. No points will be given for responses that do not answer a question but contain information about issues/terms related to the question. This type of a response is usually given in hope to receive partial credit.

Are not backed by evidence. Use evidence (if required) to support your arguments (if applicable).

Contain sentences copied from the textbook and/or case study. If you use text from the textbook/case study, please make sure you paraphrase it in a way that fits with your overall discussion. If you think the text fits into your discussion without paraphrasing, please cite it in a way that makes it clear that it is a direct quote (e.g. indent a paragraph containing text or put a sentence in quotes). Remember: “copy and paste” is an act of plagiarism which will be prosecuted in accordance with ADU’s Integrity Policy

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