Nike – Phase 2

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This capstone course requires each student to construct a detailed and well-thought-out analysis of a business employing all the relevant strategic analysis tools studied. The company being used for my project is NIKE.

There is 3 phases to this project. The first Phase has already been completed and I have attached the paper and excel spreadsheet being used for review. Please review the paper, excel spreadsheet and the outline.

Focus on Phase 2 requirements along with some adjustments that the Professor requested to be adjusted from Phase 1 (Please see the Phase 1 essay attached and continue building off that essay) . Phase 2 is to be a minimum of 12 pages and doubled spaced and please work on excel spreadsheet in the specific areas requested below.

Phase 2 – Modules 4-6 includes revisions to Phase 1 based on the instructor’s feedback (revisions are below)

  Internal assessment (continued from Phase 1—include IFE and financial ratios)
o Current strategy (brief description of the firm’s current strategies), including current use of technology
o SWOT matrix with strategic implications for the company
o BCG matrix with strategic implications for the company
o Space or other matrices with strategic implications for the company
o Possible strategic alternatives
o Evaluation of current organizational structure
o Recommendation changes (if needed) to the structure, culture (including values), processes, rewards, or technology

Module 4: Integrate instructor feedback from Phase 1. “The revisions requested by the instructor is as follows: “Great information but for the weakness is the lack of diversity in top management and the culture. I would continue to do research in both your IFE and EFE. I would also suggest using the excel form for all parts of the assignment it will help you populate the other areas as you move forward. Also, please put your diagrams (Excel) in the appendices not in the document and fill out your title page. Please make those adjustments”

Module 5: Develop SWOT, BCG, SPACE, and IE matrices with strategic implications for the company. Please make sure to update the excel spreadsheet in each tab as well while incorporating the information into your paper.

Module 6: Develop alternative strategies for your company with strengths and weaknesses of each.

Example Outline and Structure for this paper project is in the attachment labeled “outline”. Please refer to that attachment for all the details regarding this project. Grading Rubric is also on the outline attachment.

Book used for this class if you need it: David, F. R., & David, F. R. (2019). Strategic management: a competitive advantage approach, concepts and
cases (17th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0135192221

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