Native American Mid Term

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Watch: Repatriation & Restorative Justice: From Native American Remains & Sacred Objects to Nazi Art Theft

After you watch this week’s video:


Write 3 paragraphs about the videos, what you learned about the video.  ( not a summary but what you thought/learned!) 

Reading Assignment/Writing:


1. “AS Native Americans, We Are in a Constant State of Mourning-New York Times:

2.  Private Museums Could Face NAGPRA Scrutiny-Indian Country Today

3.  Getting Started: Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act  –


1. Write a 2.5-page reflection paper about the readings you read for this week. 


A reflection paper is your chance to add your thoughts and analysis to what you have read and experienced. Although it is difficult to write a paper without summarize what you read, I would like more of your thoughts about what you read!


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