Must (1) “describe and discuss (2) what can go wrong when (3) failing to acquire moraiter’s choice

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Changes in moral beliefs as one matures are very influential towards their relationship with others. Moral development entails forming a sense of beliefs, rights, and responsibilities that shape individuals’ perceptions. One needs to develop an exemplary moral character that affects their interactions with others and helps them distinguish what is wrong from right (Charles, 2019). The proceeding paragraphs of this blog give an account of how to become moral people who can be trusted with their own lives and the lives of other people as well drawing reference from Aristotle, Piaget, and Kohlberg theories.
In his theory, Aristotle defines morality as an act to behave in the right manner. Good morals are acquired through habit and practice as opposed to instruction and reasoning. For instance, a craven individual suffers undue fear in the face of danger, whereas a rash person is not subjected to fear. A virtuous person exhibits principle virtues such as courage, temperance, friendliness, ambition, and patience due to practice (McNamee, 2020). Therefore, becoming moral people requires individuals to practice and embrace the mentioned virtues. As such, other people might learn from them hence incorporating them into their daily lives.
Jean Piaget states that moral development occurs in stages built on active reasoning and personal experiences. Lawrence Kohlberg comprehensively describes this idea examining how our moral reasoning transpires as we mature. In their theories, people gain more understanding from experiences. Through the stages of maturity, individuals develop obedience, social norms, and principled conscience, which are influential in our lives. This ensures that you model your life better and add value to others (Colby, 2018). Through the above practices, I believe we can become moral people who can significantly impact society.

Do please take time to read the assignment carefully and fully. Note and think about the details required for the assignment. The assignment asks that your essay

A. Must (1) “describe and discuss (2) what can go wrong when (3) failing to acquire morals” and also adds “understanding of (4) how morals are acquired”.

B. Answer the question: If a person fails to develop morally beyond the early years (directive/punishment), what does that mean for that person and for those around that person?

C. Answer the question: If a people (like a nation, state, or country) fail to develop morally beyond the early years level (orders/punishment), what does that mean for that nation, state or country)?

Best strategy: Give a brief (maybe just one paragraph) from lesson 6, and then add a few paragraphs responding to questions B. and C.

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