museum visit

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The Gallery Report is due at the end of the module.
The Gallery Report is your write up of a visit to an art museum or art gallery. There are many types of museums so make sure that you go to an art museum! After all this is an art class! You can go to a virtual Museum. Use this link: :
The Assignment
Please read the information you find in the Gallery Guide, below. Then choose 15 items from the following list to look for during your visit. Please write your paper in a narrative form, not as a list. If you turn in a list I will not give you credit.
It should read something like this: I went to the Art Museum in Raleigh last Friday. It was not a bad drive and the weather was warm and sunny. When we arrived at the Museum it was not hard to find a parking place. There were good signs that helped us find the building and the exhibits we were interested in. When we entered the Museum there were greeters there to answer our questions….

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