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The purpose of this assignment is to help the learners to further develop their multicultural counselling competence in the acquisition of awareness, worldview knowledge, and strategic intervention skills that are needed to function effectively in dealing with the culturally diverse clients of a pluralistic democratic society.


Learners are required to write the followings:
1. Conducting online interviews with a culturally different client or prospective client (example: a single mother/father, an orphan, an elderly person, a disabled person, a refugee, or anybody that is culturally different from you and come from a minority client population). Interview the person to get insight regarding his/her personal experience being a member of minority groups.

2. Describe the client’s personal and professional cultural background. You may use the 10 domains of RESPECTFUL model as a framework. [The ten different factors namely; (R) religion/spirituality, (E) ethnic/racial background, (S) sexual identity, (P) personal style and education, (E) economic/class background, (C) chronological/lifespan challenges, (T) trauma, (F) family background, (U) unique physical characteristics, and (L) location of residence and language difference.]

3. Explain the client’s experiences as being a member of the minority groups, in the aspects of his/her challenges/difficulties, hopes and needs in life, and expectations from a counsellor or a counselling process.

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