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The final draft should be an organized, logical, polished essay that evaluates the subject of your choice. It should be no less than 3.0 pages long.
It must draw on at least two outside sources (not including your subject). These sources do not include the experience, though it should be cited when appropriate. The research you find should contribute to your assessment or give necessary background information. The criteria should be clear and fair, and you should give your reader enough context about your subject without spending too much time explaining the experience. You’ll want to use the experience as evidence rather than summary. The purpose of this essay is to practice evaluative writing, so you’ll have to have a central point, which is clear and includes a judgement of the experience.
This essay must be in MLA format and include a correctly formatted Works Cited page. The Works Cited page doesn’t count as one of the 3 required pages of writing.
Submit in Moodle as a Word document.

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