Module 5 Short Paper

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Short Paper #3
Read Creswell & Creswell’s Chapter 10
It may be necessary for you to review also Chapters 5-7.
I uploaded additional readings feel free to use them.

Based on a topic you know well, design a study that combines qualitative and quantitative research. Discuss the approach your study would take writing the introduction, the purpose of statement, the research questions and the specific forms of data collection.

Basic requirements:

3-5 pages maximum, double-spaced
APA style
See the rubric for grading information.

Due no late than Sunday, October 25th, 11:55 p.m.

Readings and Videos
From Creswell & Creswell’s textbook: Chapter 8 Quantitative Methods, and Chapter 10 Mixed Methods

Additionally !

David. R. (2014) International Criminal Tribunals and the Perception of Justice: The Effect of the ICTY in Croatia.

The International Journal of Transitional Justice. 8 (August), pp. 476-495.
Watch the following video entitled “How Results Can Be Misleading: Problems With Reliability and Validity”

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