Module 2 ICJ 704

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Please select one of the following questions and provide a thoughtful and critical answer.

According to the authors, what is the key role of a court?
In what ways are court processes shaped by culture?
How might the law contribute to the proliferation of violence rather than to its containment?

Your answer should be informed and approximately 400 words in length.

You are supposed to respond to the other two questions in at least 200 words as a comment to your classmates’ responses.

Readings & Resources

1-) Hajjar, Lisa 2005 Legal Discourse and the Conflict in Israel/Palestine, in

Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza. Pp. 49-75. Berkeley: University of California Press.
2-) Wilson, Richard 2000 Reconciliation and Revenge in Post-Apartheid South Africa

. Current Anthropology 41(1): 75-87.
3-) Weizman, Eyal 2010 Legislative Attack.

Theory, Culture & Society 27(6): 11-32.

Additional Reading (Optional)

1-) Lazarus-Black, M. (1997), The Rites of Domination: Practice, Process, and Structure in Lower Courts. American Ethnologist, 24: 628–651. doi:10.1525/ae.1997.24.3.628

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