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– Please read the instructions under the ” Project 2- ALU docx ” complete steps 1-10. I have provided how I did 1-4 with the professor under ” project 2 questions 1-4″ to make you under stand the steps. Examine the results. The transcript window indicates if the simulation passed or failed. Take a screenshot of the successful simulation Wave window and a second screenshot of the transcript window. In three paragraphs analyze your design process and design.
First, where could you improve your design process (how you approached the project – not what your design looks like)? How effective was the project in terms of your understanding of ALU design?
Second, where could you optimize your ALU design? What additional operations could the ALU support?
Third, how difficult would it be to modify the ALU for use with an ARM processor? What, if anything, do you need to do?
– make sure to provide screen shots of the code and each step you do .

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