Mini Movie Review: Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

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Write a mini-review of this movie, following this format:

-Introduce the movie (title, director, year of release, any well-known actors, etc.)

-Summarize the plot (keep it short, and no spoilers!)

-Analyze one aspect of the movie (you can get examples from the “Anatomy of a Scene” handout, or you could talk about thematic content, or acting)

-Evaluate and Conclude: Give your opinion: is it worth seeing, or not? Be sure to give reasons for your recommendation.

Your submission should be at least 200 words, but it may be longer if you wish. It should also follow MLA formatting: formatted first page with name, instructor’s name, course number and date; header with last name and page number; double spacing; 12 font; Times New Roman; 1” margins around.

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