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PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CORRECT MARGINS, this professor is particular. Please see the attachment for the assignment.

HR professionals are often asked by senior management to provide analysis and assessment of the impact of current and proposed practices/processes in light of current and evolving laws and regulations. Please see the attached file for the full description of the assignment. This assignment is worth 200 points. This is an individual, not a collaborative, assignment. It does require research – while it is in the form of a business memo to the President and Executive Committee, you are to provide sources/references just as if it was a paper for a course. This assignment is due as specified in the Syllabus. The paper is to be prepared and submitted using Microsoft Word and either Calibri 11 or Arial 10 for your font. Please use the “ragged right margin” setting for your right margin – do not use justified text (that is equal sized L & R margins)! Please watch the video posted that discusses the assignment further. Also, assume for this assignment that the pandemic does not exist/has not existed and will not affect the activities described in the assignment.

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