Medieval Landscape: Toledo, Spain (zoom in to area of “Santa Iglesia Catedral”), Renaissance-Baroqu

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Geography of Europe * Google Maps Urban Form Exercise using Satellite/Earth View. please number your work

DIRECTION! Go to and search for the three cities listed in this exercise one at a time beginning with Toledo, Spain. Make sure you are in Earth/Satellite mode. Zoom in to each place until you can see the rooftops of the buildings but you will have to zoom in/out and pan around during the exercise.

Medieval Landscape: Toledo, Spain (zoom in to area of “Santa Iglesia Catedral”)

Describe the general attributes of this area in terms of urban form. Is it spread out or dense? Do the streets seem to have a symmetric order or do they wind in all directions? What elements of the medieval city do you see here?

What kinds of buildings/areas are highlighted with names/markers by Google Maps within the medieval section? What does this tell you about how this area is used currently?

Renaissance-Baroque Period Landscape: Paris, France (zoom in to 1st ARR area and near the Siene River)

Can you detect attributes of the Renaissance-Baroque city? Identify these features and describe what attribute they illustrate.

Why would the Renaissance-Baroque landscape be located near the main river?

Early Industrial City Landscape: Middlesbrough, UK

Do you see housing here that looks like it would have been factory worker housing? Name a set of streets that have this look. Does the city look planned or unplanned?

Do you see nearby factory buildings? What industries/companies/institutions are represented here in the larger (non-housing) buildings?

From what you can tell panning around the town, what other kinds of employment can be found here now? Do you think Middlesbrough has been effective at reorienting itself to the trends and realities of the 21st century British economy? This question relates to the idea of deindustrialization.

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