Marketing Strategy

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Create a marketing Strategy for simulated company, MediCorp, to introduce anesthetic machines in Argentina and include the following components:

1. MediCorp’s main competitors in anesthetic machines industry in Argentina. (NAICS – 339112 – Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing)
2. Market and segment growth of Anesthetic machines over the next three years in Argentina.
3. Where does MediCorp add value as a way of gaining a competitive edge? (Look at SWOT analyses for some of the companies that you identified as being competitors to your company; the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that others have found for those companies should give you some ideas of how your company could set itself apart from the competition.)
4. Recommendation of relocation of one or more activities from MediCorp’s value chain in the United States to Argentina, using Porter’s Value Chain analysis (See attachment).
5. The legal business entity to market the products in the country (review Modes of Entry for help)
6. Impact of Argentina’s legal, ethical, and cultural standards on MediCorp’s operations Argentina (review Governance and Accountability for more information)
7. Prepare market share estimates for MediCorp’s anesthetic machine in the Argentina and revenue forecasts for the next three years.
8. Specify the major factors to be tracked for strategy implementation using the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard (See Attached): the learning and growth perspective, business process perspective, customer perspective, and financial perspective.

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