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Part 1: Overview of the report component of your assignment (1500 words, excluding references)

Report task: Compare, contrast and evaluate approaches to recruiting and selecting graduates in two organisations (of the student’s choice).

Introduction: Brief overview of the two organisations chosen for your report and your rationale for choosing these two organisations. Make it clear whether either of the organisations are ones that you might want to apply to personally.

Findings about each organisation’s graduate recruitment and selection processes: detailed account of the recruitment and selection approaches adopted in each organisation, supported by evidence from a range of sources (e.g. Recruitment Websites and/or Directories, Organisation’s own websites, Glassdoor reviews, Recruitment Awards received from professional bodies, critical case studies in academic and/or professional journals).

Evaluation and conclusions: when evaluating your findings set out in the first part of your report, you will need to consider questions such as:

• How similar/or different are the approaches to graduate recruitment in your chosen organisations? From your wider reading of the academic literature how might you account for any similarities/differences?
• To what extent do the organisational practices align with the notion of ‘best practice’ in the academic literature?
• From your research, how user-friendly is the information provided by the two organisations to applicants? Does the information provided any indication of how inclusive each organisation’s recruitment and selection processes are?
• How much information do the organisations provide about future career development opportunities? Remember this is important for the attraction and retention of employees, particularly graduates.
• What final observations and impressions are you left with having researched different organisation’s approaches to recruiting and selecting graduates.

Part 2: Overview of the reflective component of your assignment (1000 words, excluding appendices)

Your reflective account will need to address the question ‘How Business Ready Are You Currently?’
You are expected to evidence this in two ways:

a) Reflective account of how you have developed at least two competencies identified as areas for development from completing the Business Readiness Self-Report. Evidence of applying the Kolb Learning Cycle (remember Business Psychology) will be expected in the way that you present your reflective accounts.
b) Including a graduate level CV as an Appendix to your overall assignment. This will need to be professionally presented indicating that you have obtained feedback on a draft of your CV from the Careers Service and they are happy to classify your CV as graduate level.
References: You will need to include appropriate academic and practitioner sources, using the Harvard Referencing System. If you need to refresh your memory on what this looks like, then consult the referencing section of the Library webpages. Please provide one reference list at the end of your assessment to cover both parts.

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