m6d6 wifi and your home

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As you watch the videos, document key facts about Wi-Fi and Security.
If you have sat up a home network, identify key factors you may have done or not done. Would you have done it different now?
What is your experience with smart home devices. Was it a positive experience?
Review the article on locking down home networks. Is your home network locked down?
What steps have you taken at home to ensure your network is secure?
What will you update on your home network to ensure you are more secure
Give an explanation of Wi-Fi
Give an overview of how to set up secure Wi-Fi in your home.
Have you or someone you know sat up a smart home? Discuss your experience with setting up a smart home.
Based on the reading of the article on how to create a more secure home network, what is the importance of keeping your home network secure?
What tips would you give others who are interested in a secure network and smart home devices?

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