LGBT in healthcare

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After completing the reading and viewing assignments for this week, consider the following scenario: A transgender with breast cancer is admitted to the med/surg unit.

Describe what kinds of questions you would ask to show respect and dignity for this patient using the material from the Motivational Interviewing video and the reading from the LGBT Field Guide, Chapter 2. What other health issues would you discuss with your patient?
Does your institution use language that is LGBT friendly in their facility?
What areas in the institution do you see that could improve on being more LGBT friendly (policies, magazines, etc). Examples are provided in the LGBT Field Guide, Chapter 3?
Are you using neutral language when in conversation with all your patients? How would you change your own language?
The original post should be at minimum, 250 words in length, and should be supported using two (2) literature sources. Cite your sources using APA 7th edition formatting. As formatting can sometimes be challenging in Canvas, you may choose to type your posts and replies in a Word document and then to copy and paste the post/reply into the reply text box. The initial post is due by 11:59pm (PST) on Thursday.

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