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You need to write a letter to a middle school student who you are an advisor to that will also go to their parents also. Make sure you include both positive and negative feedback but focus on the positive.

Introduce yourself and your role as a mentor … say something that you learned about the student to illustrate that you are getting to know him or her (for first quarter report).

Comment upon the student’s performance within academic classes – both successes and struggles.

You might also comment upon the student’s participation (or lack thereof) in clubs, sports, or other extra-curricular activities, or upon other demonstrated strengths of the student like leadership, kindness, or empathy. You need to comment specifically on how well the student is developing in terms of the three pillars of the school mission – intellect, character, and creativity.

The letter does not need to be long but should be substantive, showing the parents that you have begun to develop a relationship with their child.

I was given this example of a letter to use as a guide.

Dear Aidan,

I am excited to be your mentor this year. I was impressed by your leadership and enthusiasm on the track team last year, so I felt confident that you and I would have plenty to talk about. It has been great to see that your enthusiasm for sports translates into an enthusiasm for academic interests. I appreciate how you’ve been able to talk not only about how you’re doing in your classes but what you’re doing.

As one example, in our first mentor meeting you told me about your upcoming quiz in Biology and were able to explain to me about different models for projecting populations. Every teacher I spoke with about you had remarked upon about your intellect and engagement. Mr. Snook noted that you have been near perfect in computer science and are doing great in Algebra II, but he’d like to see you get to class more on-time consistently. Ms. Skaggs says you have matured since Middle School but would like to be even more proactive in finding a location in the classroom best suited for you to stay focused. She noted your six-word memoire to me: “Striving to be the absolute best.” I think that encapsulates your ambition and suggests that you’re willing to work to achieve your goals.

Your leadership ability is developing quickly, and it is cool to watch how the middle school students look up to in your role as my helper on the cross-country team. It is almost as though you are an assistant coach. I appreciate that you have dedicated your afterschool hours not just to training with the team but to helping me manage it. I hope that you will continue to look for ways to be a leader for the ninth grade and within the school – you should certainly start attending Stewardship Club meetings. Remember that the Rivermont mission is to empower academically driven students to cultivate their intellect, character, and creativity. Now that you are in high school, you will have more freedom and independence. I hope you use it productively, as you figure out your long-term goals and strive to achieve them.


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