Journal Entry #5 Part 1: Values Selection

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Part 1:
Values, when well defined, can serve as a road map towards a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. We will be completing an exercise this week to help you clarify your values. As we go through the exercise, remember that values are freely chosen. Many times, it is helpful to remind ourselves that our current behavior does not necessarily reflect what is most important to us. That’s ok. That’s why we “check-in” with these kinds of exercises. BUT, don’t discourage yourself from highly valuing something that may not be reflected in your current life today. Perhaps reminding yourself that this is important will be all you need to change that.
To begin, make a list your top 10 values You may use the list on the module page for ideas, but feel free to add/select anything you would like.There are no right wrong choices – these are your values.
Ready? Here we go…
Pack your bags. We’re going on a trip to a far off exotic land! However, you only have room for 9 values. You must leave one behind. Select one value, and cross it off your list.
Car trouble. Your ride to the airport arrives and you begin to pack the car, only to find that the trunk will not shut. Riding on the roof isn’t an option, so you must discard one more value. Again, cross the selected value off of your list.
Heavy stuff. The check-in person at the airport weighs your baggage and informs you that it is overweight. You have no spare money for the hefty extra fee, so in order to lighten the load you must discard another value. Remove the selected value from your list.
What evil lurks in the hearts of men? You arrive at the destination after a long and sleepless flight. Sleep comes easily, and you awake to find your luggage has been burglarized! Missing is one more value. Cross it off your list.
Be a traveler, not a tourist. After resting up and a long hot shower, it is time to play! You head out on the town and spend the next week lounging, partying, and enjoying yourself. Alas, the time comes to an end and you begin your journey to the next locale. An hour from you last hotel, you realize you left one of your values back at the hotel. Eliminate one more value from your list.
Really heavy stuff. This part of your adventure takes you on an over-night hike into the hills by the coast. As the group starts the climb towards the campsite, you have to stop and rest. You all decide to try and lighten your load. You may exchange one of your existing values from one in your discarded pile, if you so choose.
A three hour tour. After an amazing night camping, you have an easy and relaxing breakfast and coffee. All you have to do today is hike down and catch the ferry. You are in the middle of the channel when you hear, “Abandon ship! All passengers please head to the life boats!” Grab your three most precious values and abandon ship.
Reflection: Answer the following questions for your first journal discussion post this week:
1. Do you feel you ended up with the right values? Why or why not?
2. How did this exercise make you feel? What was the process of giving up values like for you?
3. What did you learn from the exercise? How will you use this information?
4. How do you see your actions and goals relating to your values? Any improvements to be made and, if so, how will you go about doing that?

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