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The requirement for the final research paper is a 10 to 15 page, double spaced, critical analysis of a case, or cases, from the Supreme Court on a Constitutional issue. The choice of topic/case/cases is entirely up to you! You do not even have to limit yourself to one case, if you prefer to explore the development of a certain topic over multiple cases through time. For example, if you wish to analyze two or three major Supreme Court cases on the development of law regarding affirmative action laws, feel free to analyze the progression of these cases. As always, if you need help in finding a topic, or a case, or cases, on a particular topic, I am here to guide you.

Please however do NOT use one of the cases that you briefed in the shorter case summary assignments.

Here is what I am looking for:

Identification of the Constitutional issue that is the topic of your paper.

Why that topic is interesting or important to you.

If it is a single case, an in depth explanation of the narrative leading to the legal problem at issue. This will likely include the state/federal law or action at issue. Spend some time thinking about the actual people involved in the case and how their lives have been affected by such law or action.

Please explain how the case got to the Supreme Court. Identify the lower courts that have considered the issue and provide a description of how the courts below resolved the issue(s) and on what basis they made such resolutions.

Many cases include a summary of prior Supreme Court case law that is to be considered in addressing the issue. Please summarize any such law. If it is an entirely new issue (of which there are few) describe some of the relevant lower Circuit Court opinions discussed by the Court.

The main substance of the paper will then be a description of how the Supreme Court resolved the issue and any legal rule established by the Court. This is to be followed by your critical analysis of the Court’s decision. I am particularly interested in whether the Court addressed one of the major themes we have covered (separation of powers, breach of Constitutional authority, federalism, fundamental/inalienable rights).

Please consider and explain why the Court made the decision it did and why you agree, or disagree with such rationale. As we have learned, there is often a concurring opinion wherein another Justice will explain why he or she agreed with part of the main opinion, but disagreed on another. There is also usually some dissenting opinion wherein another Justice will explain why he or she disagreed with the main opinion. These are good places to look for points of analysis.

Please conclude the paper with a summary of some of the primary things that you learned, or took away, from the case (or cases), as well as any unresolved questions that you will look to future decisions to address on the issue, or related issues.

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