IT/Python: Web Forms & UI

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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate how different scripting languages can interact to produce common results that you see on the web every day.

Create a web form that adds a journal entry to your webserver blog.

The form should include a title field, along with a file upload prompt. Review the information in “IT/Python Web Forms & UI,” prior to beginning the assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Using your homepage from Topic 3, create a Python script that prompts the user for a title, description, and filename of your Python program and add the following to the bottom of the existing homepage:

Add the post title with an emphasis
Add the post description beneath the post title
Create a hyperlink to the Python file using the filename input
Submit the following in a compressed, zip file format:

Your python program. Naming convention is: Example: dharalson
At least one screen capture demonstrating that your program was functional.
The IP address of your webserver.
ZIP file naming convention is:

I left the previous work file because you will need that to complete this assignment.

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