is it possible to hold a belief based on practical reasons (that is, reasons pertaining to the desir

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In approximately 1,500 words, address one of the
following topics, or another topic of your choosing. The provided topics are broad. so you will want to narrow down the focus of your paper, depending on what you have to say. Your goal should be developing your own original contribution, in a way that is informed by the views and arguments from the readings and class
discussion_ While you should take the readings as a
starting point for your own thinking, the aim isn’t just to summarize what others have already said. Instead, it is to develop the strongest case for your own view, and to
address what you think are the strongest points on the other side. For example. you might defend a view
responding to an objection made in one of the readings, Or you might propose a new view by drawing a distinction that was overlooked in the readings, and explaining why it is important. Or object to a view from the reading by considering a counterexample that the author did not
consider. These are just examples, intended to give you an idea of what you can hope to accomplish in 1,500
words. For further advice on writing philosophy papers, see:,html

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