Investigation of Phenytoin and Topiramate in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

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Biomedical science – I have written the introduction which explains what Temporal lobe epilepsy is and the description of the drugs etc. so DO NOT DO THIS.

The work I need doing is finding 5-10 PRIMARY RESEARCH ARTICLES for each drug, then presenting the statistics in excel (a T test, chi test, then presenting median, standard deviation, R, etc), comparing them and discussing them and the results using the data and more research etc. INCLUDE MANY REFERENCES for the explaination and discussion AND IN-TEXT APA CITATIONS. do not just write something and not reference it/cite it. I will attach the sort of stats to be done on excel and written discussion work I need as another student has done this but with different drugs – labelled “example”. ive also included a check list.

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