Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies discussion 1

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Drawing on Adrienne Rich’s  famed speech, “Claiming an Education,” explain what it means to claim an education? How can you apply this to your own educational journey? What would it mean to “claim” this course, rather than just “take” it? Remember to refer back to the reading in your answer, drawing on specific quotes and ideas from Rich. (Provide in-text citations, that include page numbers)  How do you see this  [claiming your education] relating to feminist pedagogy as explained in Module 1 ? (See Shrewsbury article)  

As always, make sure to engage closely with the sources,  cite specific examples, and compose a reflective title.

Bonus ( + 5 pts) Which 2-3 gendered limitations described in “A Day Without Feminism” stood out to you ? (Please make this a second, separate post


What is Feminist Pedagogy?( Shrewsbury)


Baumgardner-A Day Without Feminism.pdf( bouns)


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