Intergenerational Transmission of Violence and Criminal Behavior

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These are aims and objectives that need to be included in the litt review
Objectives are
Objective 1: Family factor of transmission of violence within the family
RQ1: How does the criminality of parents affect the outcome of the
RQ2: How does the role of gender affect violence within the family?
RQ3: How does parental convictions affect the children?
RQ4: Does observation of interparental violence affect the later life of a
Objective 2: During the growth and development of a child the external
environment matters
RQ1: How do the demographics of a society contribute to the
development of a child’s criminality?
RQ2: What is the impact of Criminal Labeling on dysfunctional families?
RQ3: Why Young People Join Gangs?
Objective 3: How does attachment theory relate to criminality of the child
RQ1: How does insecure attachment between parents and children affect
the child in later relationships?
RQ2: Does the violence between parents predispose children to partner
with violence?
RQ3: Does the mother to daughter or father to son have significance in
predisposing criminal behavior?

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