Infographic research project

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An infographic is a visual presentation of information or data. A good infographic uses visual imagery and minimal text to provide an easy-to-understand overview of a topic or issue. The goal is to accurately communicate important information quickly and clearly.

Using a free infographic tool such as Piktochart or Easely, create an infographic that clearly communicates the key issues/statistics/concerns about rape myths and rape culture. I have provided my bibliography on rape myths/culture to be used for this assignment. Make sure to provide citations for any data, statistics, or research that you share.

For guidance on how to create an infographic:

1. Information presented must be accurate (use the research and official sources)
2. Must be clear and easy to understand
3. Must use images and colors/fonts to be visually appealing
4. Must cite sources used
5. Must be free of any typos or grammatical errors (so proofread!)

Please Only use the additional materials provided as sources to be cited.

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