In your opinion, what components of the reflective equilibrium model discussed in the text would you

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Purpose: Journal writing is a tool health care professionals use for reflection and professional growth. Journal writing is also used to build writing skills.

1. Journal entries must be a minimum of 400 words, excluding citations and references if used.
2. Journal entries must be written in your own words. No direct quotes allowed.
3. Journal entries must be written in proper grammatical APA format, however you may single space your lines.
4. Journal entries that succumb to plagiarism will receive a zero for the course.
5. Five points will be deducted from each journal entry that does not meet the word minimum.
7. Journal entries that do not adhere to the assigned subject matter will receive a grade of zero.
8. No late journals or rewrites will be accepted.

NB: This assignment is due by tomorrow midnight please.

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