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Respond to the following essay in 300 words. (Original topic: Discuss the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of BOTH Hierarchical databases and Network databases.)

Databases are of different kinds like relational database, non-relational database, hierarchal database and network model. Although the main purpose of the database is to store data but using a certain type of database it enables to access data in different ways so that it can make the task easy.

Hierarchal data which is nothing but a data model which is just like a tree structure data. There is a relationship between a child and parent. So, every child can have only one parent, but a parent can have numerous children. In to access this table or data, pointers are used in order to link regards and to tell which child record belongs to which parent etc.

Some of the advantages of hierarchical structure is there are clear parts of advancement, specialization of the parent and child, clear chain of command by making it like a tree structure.

Some of the disadvantages are for flexibility like if there are any changes to be made then it would be hard because the changes should be both included in parent and child database. Communication barriers and disunity organization are also some of the disadvantages.

A network database is a kind of database where more than one record can be related to more than one owner and vice versa. This kind of model can be referred as a upside down tree where information of every record is in the form of a branch and then link to the ownership which is to the below.

Network data has its own advantages such as accessing it very flexibility and having a command on the data. Also, network database assist in promoting integrity and allows the data to be independent and has some set standards. Some of the disadvantages of a network data model is having difficulty to maintain and handle the model.

Because network database has so many advanced features sometimes it gets complicated compared to Haeckel model as well. Hence the programmer needs to understand the whole structure in order to Make any modifications or include any implementations.

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