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Respond to the following essay in 300 words (2 references needed):

A hierarchical database is a set of tables that needs to be arranged as a part of these parent-child relationship. Each of these have a relationship with these number of children. The hierarchical database is a part of these one to many relationships. The database contains the name of the parents and the children who will work for the company. It is really about the ways in which the data needs to be stored in many different kinds of entities owing to the tree like structure. It is seen to support the system that will work through these one to many relationship

A relational database is in the form of single or multiple tables. In this each row of the table is an element that is a part of these database that needs to be focused on a particular person. In the case of the relational database the data needs to be normalized and this can impact the performance. It also has problems that will be working with these semi-structured data. There are some main issues that needs to be considered. The first factor is that the mapping of the objects in these relational databases are very difficult. The relational model is not really suitable for the larger database (Pakhira, 2012).

Each of the database has its own disadvantages and advantages. It is about finding its use on the application or system that is based on these requirements. The use of the kinds of database model has its own advantages and disadvantages and it needs to be addressed appropriately. These are the main determinations that can be made from analyzing these two portals. It is imperative to being able to look into these nuances and to make appropriate use of these processes (Malecha et al., 2010). These were the main elements that needs to be explored and the actual use depends on the ways in which the people want their data to be presented or processed.

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