Implementation Plan for Inmates with Mental Illness

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As conveyed throughout this course, many factors contribute to the success of an intervention and it is not until the evaluation phase that you can determine true success. However, if the program intervention is not implemented well, it could lose its proper chance to achieve the intended outcomes. A well thought out implementation plan will help to ensure effective implementation that is focused, evidence based, and clearly aligned to intended outcomes. Moving from broad goals to specific and measurable actions is challenging. For this section of your course project you will begin to think through some key components of an effective implementation plan.

To Prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources
Think about what factors need to be considered for implementation
If possible, discuss experiences and lessons learned about program implementation with your placement agency contacts.

Create a 2-to 3-page implementation plan that addresses the following:

Partnerships and support
Resources (human, financial, etc.)
Communication of information (what, how, audience)
Competing demands
Anticipating unknowns

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