Immune System Disorders

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Instructions: Content: Identify a person you know who has an immune system disorder or cancer.

Interview the affected person and write a 3 thru 5 pages summary of the interview, including:

.Identify the pathophysiology of the immune system disorder

.Discuss the treatment for the immune system disorder

.Summarize the findings of the interview

.Use at least one scholarly source to support your findings or identify therapies that may be new or different from what the affected person may be using.
Questions you may want to use to guide your interview:

1.How would you describe your immune system disorder?
2.How long have you had this disorder?
3.How has this disorder changed your life (home and work)?
4.Are you able to carry out daily activities independently?
5.What treatments are you using to manage this disorder?
6.What side effects have you experienced with the treatments?
7.How has this disorder changed your body?
8.How has this disorder impacted you emotionally?
9.Have alternative therapies, such as Eastern medicine (acupuncture, herbal treatment, yoga) been tried or recommended?

cite your source in-text and on a references page using APA format

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