I Am Much Like…

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Value: 30 points
Time limit: 4-6 minutes
Preparation time: 3 to 4 hours
This fun, informal presentation will help you practice speech writing using an organized outline. Select an object and describe how you are like the object in three ways. How does it reflect who you are and what is important to you? This can include how you prefer to be, your interests, experiences, achievements, or beliefs. Examples of an object may include a concert ticket, an item from around your house, an award medal, collectible, a music cd, book cover, souvenir, or a trinket from one your hobbies or pursuits (sports, theatre, art, music, etc.).Explain why this object represents you in three major ways. You should tie some of your explanations to fun facts, examples, quotes, stories or personal illustrations. Create an outline that matches the organizational framework presented in my recorded lecture on outlining and the sample speech outline for this assignment. Make sure it’s typed and looks exactly like the sample outline When you’re ready, submit your outline along with a video recording of your speech. Evaluation:1. Spoke for no less than four minutes and no more than six. Y/N(5 points)2. Outline follows the required outline format 100% (0-10 points)3. Presentation was creative/ interesting. (0-5 points)4. Spoke with energy, enthusiasm (0-5 points)5. Student included at least two short stories or examplesY/N (5 points)(See paragraph three above)

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