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The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to the life span of human development and to apply the theories in counseling settings. The assignment will provide an opportunity to explore the dynamic experience of human developmental issues in counseling.


The basic tenet of the psychosocial theory by Eric Erikson is that development occurs throughout life in a series of stages. Based on your age, which stage of development does the theory predict you are currently facing? You may feel that the previous stage or the stage following better reflects your current life situation.

Discuss your stage of psychosocial development by addressing the following questions.
1. How would you justify the psychosocial theory by Eric Erikson to your life stages?
2. What do you think about a close relationship between the developmental tasks and psychosocial crisis and your current life circumstances?
3. Discuss psychosocial factors [biological (somatic) system], psychological (ego) system, and societal system] that are likely to impact you.
4. Based on Erikson’s model, how do you progress from one stage to the next? Are these stages hierarchical or independent of one another? If you “fail” at a level, but does somehow manage to move onto later levels of development, does Erikson’s model allow you to successfully revisit or try again to address the issues of that previously unsuccessful earlier stage of development?

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