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Suicide in the Military

Total Force Fitness (TFF) is discussed on pages 229-235 as it relates to resiliency and suicide prevention. Watch the “Never Leave a Marine Behind” video which is in the link provided or can be found on YouTube (24 mins).

TFF discusses nine levels of fitness (Medical, Environmental, Psychological, Nutritional, Behavioral, Social, Physical, Spiritual, and Family).

1) List three of the nine levels of fitness domains where the Marine in the video is at risk. List the fitness domain where the Marine is at risk along with a description of how he is at risk. Do not simply summarize the video, but highlight the events noted and relate how they apply to the domain chosen (minimum of 3 paragraphs) – 6 points

2) Recommendations for those who are assessed as being at-risk for suicide might need Outpatient, Inpatient or Clinical support depending on the level of risk. Identify two resources local to your area for those that are considered at-risk for suicide. Where would you send them? Make sure to include the name, address, phone # and description of services. – 4 points

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