HR Application 1 & 2

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Book used: Strategic Human Resource Management: Mello, J. A. (2019). Strategic human resource management (5th ed.). Australia: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781337887304. Chapter 8 in your textbook is the focus.

HR Application 1: Complete Critical Thinking Exercise 6 on p. 292:

Develop 2 behaviorally-based interview questions for each of the following jobs (Choose only 2 of 6, create a total of 4 questions):
High school principal
Nursing supervisor
Factory foreman
Chief medical resident
Police chief
Director of marketing for fast-food chain”
Write a 1 page response to address these questions.

HR Application 2: Visit a MAJOR employer’s website (Amazon, BestBuy, Nike, Starbucks, Ect.) Apply online for a specific job. Discuss the application/selection process. What selection tools did they use (if any)? What did you like about the process? What did you dislike about it? Write a 1 page response to address these questions.

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