Houston’s Red and Blue Oceans

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The assignment focuses significant attention on blue ocean strategy, defining both blue and red oceans and explaining the properties associated with each. Specifically, I’d like for you to examine healthcare offerings in the city of your choice (HOUSTON) and work to identify red oceans and blue oceans. (Note that you must select an actual city as this assignment requires an actual market investigation. Further, the city you select must be of sufficient size to have an active, thriving healthcare marketplace.) This will require achieving a deep understanding of red and blue oceans, coupled with an intensive understanding of the selected city, its healthcare providers, and their associated services. Research beyond that supplied by your readings, notably including field research, will be most helpful in this endeavor.

The Submission Requirement
Your submission in its entirety (i.e., all inclusive) must be at least 1500 words.
In presenting your work, identify the title, your name and student ID number, and submission date at the top of your submission and supply the following headings, exactly as they appear below, placing each in bold text:

Abstract (Your paper must include an abstract of approximately 150-250 words. An abstract is a stand-alone summary of your submission; it must be presented at the beginning of your paper, although, for obvious reasons, it is prepared after you finish your paper. If you aren’t familiar with writing abstracts, simply Google “how to write an abstract” or similar phrases for a wealth of helpful tips.)

Introduction (In this section, supply a brief introduction, helping the reader grasp the intent of the forthcoming work.)

City Profile (In this section, supply a brief overview of the city of focus, noting its name, population, demographic characteristics, and any other helpful background information.)
Competitive Landscape (In this section, describe the state of competition in the marketplace by identifying key healthcare organizations, discussing medical services provided, and so on to paint a detailed picture of the given environment.)

Red Oceans (In this section, identify and describe health and medical red oceans in the given city. Be sure to include justifications for your decisions.)
Blue Oceans (In this section, identify and describe health and medical blue oceans in the given city. Be sure to include justifications for your decisions.)

Conclusions (In this section, summarize the report, being sure to express your perspectives on the potential of the associated market.)

References (In this section, supply a list of references conforming with the instructions listed elsewhere in this communication.)

Assessment Criteria
Your submission will be assessed based on the following:

Compliance quality: The degree to which your submission complies with noted guidelines, including word count and reference specifications,
Communication quality: The degree to which your work meets standards expected in business communications, including matters concerning the use of proper grammar and punctuation, and
Content quality: The quality of the content presented in your work.

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