honey dressing as a treatment for diabetic foot ulcers compared with standard wound care

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Topic: in adults with diabetic foot ulcers does the use of honey dressing reduce healing time compared with conventional wound care?

Chosen research articles

(1) DOI: 10.1111/j.1742-481X.2012.01082.x

(2) DOI: 10.1155/2017/5294890

(3) A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial of Honey-Impregnated Dressing for Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcer -PMID: 26454386 DOI: 10.2015/JCPSP.721725

* The above three papers have been seen by my supervisor and will like you to used them.I dont mind you adding one or two other primary research papers on honey dressing as treatment for diabetic foot ulcers.Also, to develop the reseaarch question i will like you use PICO framework and for the critiquing framework i will prefer either Holland and Rees or CASP

Dissertation structure

Title page See page 26
Acknowledgements: Optional
Contents page
Glossary/abbreviations: Optional
List of tables and figures :Optional

A brief description of the background, methods, findings, and conclusions of your review. (200words)

Introduction Chapter
Descriptive background to include:
• The reason why this topic is important and relevant
• Identification of research question
• Definitions of any complex terminology that is referred to throughout the dissertation
• Introduce the main ideas that your dissertation will discuss in the order you will address them (tell us what you are going to tell us) (800words)

Methodology and methods Chapter
To Include:
Literature review strategy
Types of evidence to be considered
Inclusion/exclusion criteria
Critical framework to be used
Data extraction (1000words)

Findings chapter
Outline guidance:
(In the introduction, you have told us what you are going to tell us, so now tell us. We don’t want to see an evaluation of each paper you use, we want you to tell us about the subject area but in so doing, demonstrate evidence that you have questioned the literature)

• Introduction to chapter
• Provide evidence to support this topic/issue. This involves using evidence that you have found from your search of the literature/research.
• You need to demonstrate evidence of critical appraisal
• Check that you are retaining focus on your research question

At end of chapter:
Summary of what has been discovered
Link to next chapter (2000words)

Discussion Chapter
Summary of main findings; answer to research question
Synthesis of main findings- what is new?
Recommendations for practice
Limitations of study and evidence (1200words)

References = 50 evidence based referennces(Mostly UK’s guidelines)


* Since I am in the UK ,it is very important that the literature use within the dissertation is more of UK based. For example NICE guideline on diabetic ulcer treatment, British National Formulary (BNF) listing of med-honey as a topical dressing, DiabetesUK websites …..

-(PRISMA) diagram illustrating the article selection process
-Inclusion and exclusion criteria table
-Data extraction table

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