History and Ancient History

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For this assignment, you will answer the following questions. Ensure your answers are written clearly and use precise and
accurate historical examples to defend all of your opinions and arguments. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and
references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary. Your responses should fully answer each
question, and your assignment should be at least two page in length.
1. What are some specific differences between Greek and Macedonian societies? What effects did these differences
have? Were the Macedonians Greeks? Why or why not?
2. What were some key aspects of Alexander’s youth that prepared him for his role as leader of Macedon and conqueror
of an empire? What leadership lessons can we gain from studying him? What are some leadership lessons from
Alexander that you could apply to your own life?
3. What were some core values of Hellenistic culture? Was this a global or Greek culture? How do the ideas of
Does Hellenism continue to influence the modern world?
4. What are some unique aspects of societies outside the Mediterranean region? How do they compare to each other, to
Mediterranean societies, and to modern societies?
5. How does the development of Chinese society compare to the development of Mediterranean societies
6. Is warfare necessary for human evolution and societal development? Why or why not? Defend your answers with specific examples from material in previous units, the Hellenistic period and/or Ancient China.
7.While Jackson’s presidency has been viewed by some as the “Age of the Common Man,” others argue that his style of government was decidedly undemocratic and certainly not in favor of the common man. There is even a political cartoon titled “King Andrew the First” (see OpenStax, Section 10.3; Figure 10.11). Which argument do you believe is more accurate?

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