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Apply: Process Improvement Flowchart
Assignment Content
The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to create a flowchart and improve a process and summarize the results. You will create a process to improve flowcharts.

Complete the Week 1 Process Improvement Flowchart Worksheet.

Process Improvement Flowchart
As-Is Process Flow Chart Evaluation
Select a process from an organization you work for or are familiar with. You will use this process in your Week 2 & Week 4 Signature Assignments as well.


Create a flowchart of the as-is process using Microsoft Word.
Evaluate the efficacy of your process using process improvement techniques.

Process Improvement Flow Chart
Determine how the process can be improved based on the results of your evaluation.

Define metrics and measure the current process.

metrics and measures ?

Use process improvement techniques to improve the process. Create a flow chart of the improved process using Microsoft Word. Use your professional judgment to ascertain how the future process will perform according to your metrics.

new flow chart?
Write a 525-word executive summary that includes the following:

• A brief description of the process based on the flowchart of processes current state
• The results of your process evaluation and how the weak points can be strengthened. Include a description of the process improvement technique(s) used.
• A brief description of process improvements based on the process of the future state
• How you anticipate the future process will perform based on metrics used to evaluate process current state
• A description of your process improvement project to achieve the process future state


Cite references to support your assignment.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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