harmony and design

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Review the design principles on harmony and variety from lessons within the course and write a one-page essay describing how harmony and variety are used in one of the following works of art. Note: You can view any of these works with a search on the title of piece and the artist.

Mother and Child 2 by Mary Cassatt
Composition 8 by Wassily Kandinsky
Schomburg Library by Jacob Lawrence
Within the essay, be sure to address the following:

Include three ways the artist uses harmony.
Include three ways the artist uses variety.
Incorporate at least three art terms from the Key Terms list that follows in your essay.
Key terms: contour line, value, warm colors, cool colors, shape, repetition, pattern, motif, texture, rhythm, composition, unity, primary color, geometric shape, organic shape, dominance, balance, focal point.
Use bold type for your chosen terms for easy identification.

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